Joseph White

Principal and Lead Marketing Director

My years of real world experience can impact all aspects of an underperforming advertising and marketing effort. I bring this expertise to organizations that want performance at the highest level.

From strategic planning to hands on implementation, I have demonstrated my ability to exceed the goals set before me. My proactive managerial style draws from a detailed understanding of the Marketing and Communications process – from research and planning to management and production – for print, digital and public media.

I focus on what clients want most - exceptional resources bringing together results and value in a way "traditional" agencies can't. I've had the pleasure of working with very exciting companies in business-to-business markets - from major electronic component and instrumentation manufacturers, defense contractors and engineering firms to life sciences, healthcare and biotechnology.

I've helped Fortune 500 companies increase their global market share for established products, worked with privately held companies in very targeted markets, as well as start-ups trying to attract funding and investor interest for new ideas.

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